Arnold Wants to Keep You in Cell Hell

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The California Public
Utilities Commission (PUC) approved yesterday a Cell Phone Bill of
Rights that includes simple steps for transparency in cell phone bills
and the right to cancel a new contract within thirty days or when the
phone company increases rates. Consumer groups responded with
disappointment about the narrow scope of the changes. Arnold, on the
other hand responded as though he were the CEO of a cell phone company
having to submit to socialization of his industry.

"I am disappointed in the action taken today by the California Public
Utilities Commission (PUC). The PUC has overreached its regulatory
responsibilities. This measure will impede growth in the highly
competitive wireless industry and could result in companies shifting
investments and jobs outside of California�. An attempt by the
Commission to protect consumers will have the unfortunate consequence
of increasing litigation, growing a bureaucracy, raising rates and
costing consumers. The Commission should focus its efforts on more
urgent matters, such as ensuring that California has the energy
infrastructure to keep California’s lights on."

Job killing, investment destroying, growth impeding, litigation
exploding, red tape rolling, rate rasing, cost consuming, blackout
inducing consumer protection proposal?

Sure, Arnold’s received six figures in campaign cash from cell phone
carriers, but either someone had too much coffee at Schwarzenegger’s
shop yesterday or Arnold is really pumped up about becoming an all star
on the team of cell phone lobbyist and former Seattle Seahawks wide
receiver Steve Largent. (

Or maybe Arnold’s just the Chamber of Commerce’s echo chamber. Compare
Arnold’s statement to the very same phrases released by the Chamber’s
president, Allan Zaremberg: "We are extremely disappointed that the PUC
has decided to regulate the highly competitive wireless industry.
…The only certainty as a result of the CPUC’s wireless regulation is
that prices will go up, competition will decline, and California will
lose jobs and investment."

They are both "disappointed" about regulation of "the highly
competitive wireless industry." Arnold mixed up his words warning that
California will lose "investments and jobs," while the Chamber is more
focused on California losing "jobs and investments." Arnold has got to
remember to send his statements back to the Chamber for a final proof

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