An answer to Google’s annoying Super Bowl ad

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Remember the ever-so-cute ad that Google ran during the Super Bowl?  Now there’s a parody that shows some not-so-cute things you can do using Google’s online services.

The $6 million Super Bowl ad, dubbed "Parisian Love," shows how a consumer used Google’s search to travel to Paris, learn French, meet a woman, get married and ultimately raise a family.

At the time I pointed out that the video wasn’t actually so heart warming. We knew what was going through the searcher’s mind, based on the search queries he entered.  The problem is that all search information is stored, tied to the consumer’s computer IP address, on Google’s worldwide server network.  It is, as the video demonstrated, tremendously revealing about the individual’s private life.

But there are other concerns raised by Google’s services.  The video below shows how to use Google for nefarious purposes.   Take a look.  I won’t reveal the plot, but suffice it to say that if Slick Willie Sutton hadn’t specialized in banks and settled for run of the mill home burglaries, Google would have been very helpful.


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