Calif. Orders Allstate, Mercury, CSAA To Refund Excess Profits To Drivers

By Dave LaChance, REPAIRER DRIVEN NEWS October 8, 2021 California’s insurance commissioner has ordered Allstate, Mercury and CSAA to return to drivers more of the excess profits collected from them during...

Consumer Watchdog Urges Auto Insurance Refunds for Pandemic Profits

By Bryan Jonston, AUTO CONNECTED CAR NEWS August 16, 2021 Insurance companies have overcharged Californians by billions of dollars since the COVID-19 lockdowns began in March 2020, sixteen months ago. In...

Auto Insurance Companies Overcharged California Motorists $5.5 Billion During the First Year of Pandemic, Study Shows

Los Angeles, CA -- While the vast majority of Californians drove far less last year, most California insurance companies continued to charge pre-pandemic auto insurance rates, reaping a windfall...

Scrutiny Intensifies Over Auto Insurance Pandemic Refunds

By John Egan and Jason Metz, FORBES March 30, 2021 Auto insurance companies have been criticized for their refunds to customers that were based on the reduction in driving (and claims)...

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