In The Courts – vs. Health Insurers

About vs. Health Insurers:

Reform of our health care system is one of Consumer Watchdog’s top priorities. Under the present system, operated by private companies driven largely by Wall Street financial values, HMOs and insurance companies have a financial incentive to limit or deny care, reject claims and institute procedures that jeopardize patient safety and undermine quality of care.

Consumer Watchdog's lawyers go to court against HMOs and health insurance companies to stop anti-competitive, illegal and unfair practices. Consumer Watchdog also petitions health care regulators for stronger regulations and enforcement actions to protect patients and to curb violations of California’s health care protection statutes. We hold health care conglomerates accountable, as well as the agencies that are supposed to regulate them.

If you have been overcharged, misled, or suffered other HMO or health care abuses, let us know about it.

Current health care cases:

  • • Consumer Watchdog sues the Schwarzenegger Administration for authorizing HMOs to cease providing "Applied Behavioral Analysis" treatments to autistic children.
    UPDATE: Court makes preliminary ruling holding autism denials illegal.
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  • • Consumer Watchdog asks state agency to issue regulations barring retroactive cancellations of policies by HMOs after policyholders get sick and need treatment.
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  • • Consumer Watchdog attorneys successfully hold down the cost of premiums doctors, nurses and hospitals pay for medical malpractice insurance coverage, saving them $66 million.
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Previous cases:

  • • Blue Cross settles suit on behalf of policyholder whose policy was retroactively canceled by Blue Cross after he got sick.
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  • • Suit to Stop Blue Cross of California From Restricting Patients' Access to Physical Therapy Providers.
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