Consumer Watchdog Campaign: Barbara Boxer’s Yes on Prop 46 TV Ad Earns “A-” From Civility Project; No Campaign Ad Called Out For Hypocrisy, Gets “C”

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San Diego, CA – Today the Civility Project, an organization that evaluates political advertisements, awarded the Yes on 46 campaign an A- for its ad featuring Sen. Barbara Boxer while it gave the No campaign a "C" for its ad paid for by insurance companies that have spent $44 million to oppose the measure. The “No” ad, according to The Civility Project, is hypocritical for “slamming trial lawyers who nobody likes until they need one." The organization added,  "Looking at the commercial, there's a lot of emotion but little information."  

Insurance companies have spent nearly $44 million dollars to oppose Prop 46 in order to shield dangerous doctors from punishment, at the expense of patient safety, in order to protect their already substantial profits. In total, the opposition to Prop 46 has over $58 million dollars in their warchest, outspending consumer and patient safety advocates more than 8:1.

Watch the Yes on Prop 46 ad from Barbara Boxer:

Watch the TV story:

In the Yes on 46 campaign ad, Sen Boxer states that preventable errors are the third leading cause of death in America and that Prop 46 would save lives by holding the medical industry accountable for mistakes.

Proposition 46, also known as the Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act, will:

•    Enact the first law in the nation to require random drug and alcohol tests of physicians in hospitals, modeled after the Federal Aviation Administration testing program that has successfully reduced substance abuse by pilots;

•    Require the Board to suspend a doctor and investigate a confirmed positive drug or alcohol test and take disciplinary action if the doctor was impaired while on duty;

•    Mandate that prescribers check California’s existing statewide prescription drug database known as CURES when prescribing to first-time patients, in order to curb doctor-shopping and end the prescription drug epidemic;

•    Promote justice for patients and legal deterrence to wrongdoing by adjusting California’s cap on compensation for victims of medical negligence to account for 39 years of inflation – the unadjusted cap prevents many victims from holding doctors who harm them accountable.

Learn more about Proposition 46 and the campaign for patient safety at:

– 30 –

Paid for by Yes on Prop. 46, Your Neighbors for Patient Safety, a Coalition of Consumer Attorneys and Patient Safety Advocates – major funding by Consumer Attorneys of California Issues and Initiative Defense Political Action Committees and Kabateck, Brown, Kellner, LLP.

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