Arnold’s SAGging Loyalty

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The Hollywood news pub.
Variety reports today that Arnold’s latest TV ad pushing his extra
election is a non-union production. The gov, a member of the Screen
Actors Guild (SAG), benefited from union contracts while he was acting,
continues to collect union-won residuals from his work, and will
receive a SAG pension when he retires.

An ArnoldWatch tipster claims that the commercial, which he refused to
work after learning it was non-union, paid actors a flat fee of just

According to Variety, SAG said that Schwarzenegger’s appearance in the
commercial wasn’t technically a violation of union rules (because he’s
an elected official and played himself) but the ad definitely violated
the spirit of SAG membership. The actors’ union issued a sharply worded
statement censuring Arnold’s behavior:

"As someone who has benefited from the hard-won protections of union
contracts… it is inexcusable that the governor did not take all
measures necessary to ensure that his fellow performers could enjoy
those same protections."

Click here to read the Variety article.

It’s clear that Arnold’s agenda is that of his big business
contributors — old-fashioned union-busting — not making changes that
help the state. Now that their own union has been targeted by the
Terminator, maybe more actors will come out of the woodwork to join
Warren Beatty and other outspoken union members — like the state’s
nurses, firefighters and teachers — who are fighting back against
Arnold’s anti-California agenda and $80 million extra election.

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