KTLA Los Angeles – Google Glasses Sold to Public, has your privacy gone too?

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"Simply put, Google Glass is a stalker's dream come true," Consumer Watchdog's report concluded after demonstrating how Glass could easily be used to record PIN information from an ATM card.

 Consumer Watchdog has a point or two. Because the virtual display takes up about 15 percent of the visual field, a half-dozen states, like Illinois and West Virginia, have banned the device while driving.

Glass wearers might also want to check Google's privacy policy to find out how much of their own information will be collected by Google. When using a location-enabled Google service, Google collects location data, for example.

Consumers are already wary of the device, worried that Glass users could spy on them, then post pictures or videos on the Internet. A recent study found that 72 percent of Americans wouldn't wear Google Glass because they are concerned about privacy and safety.

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