UGGGHHH! More issue dodging from Sebelius

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Why can’t politicians just tell like it is?  It seems that the more highly regarded the politician is, the better he or she is at avoiding the question.

This might be one of those truths of life, but it still makes me put my head in my hand and/or toss my shoe at my computer as its streams C-Span.

I had another one of these episodes this morning while watching the U.S. Senate Health committee’s confirmation hearing for Kansas Governor Sebelius as Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services.

Sebelius was poised.  Her bipartisan bona fides were secured by former U.S. Senator Bob Dole, also from Kansas, who testified on her behalf.

But under questioning from Senator John McCain (R-AR), Sebelius ducked the opportunity to articulate a vision for the most important piece of the health care reform debate: the “public option” to private health insurance.

She said she was opposed to a "government run" health care system, but didn’t explain the "public option" that she did call for.  As we have said before, the best option for the "public option" is to allow any American to join Medicare if they choose.  The Obama Administration shouldn’t be coy about getting the details of health care reform right.

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