Santa Monica Consumer Group Alleges Google-Verizon Internet Plan Could Hinder Universal Internet Access

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A Santa Monica-based consumer watchdog group this week decried a
proposal by Google and Verizon Communications that it says would put an
end to net neutrality and create a system of pay-to-play haves and have-nots when it comes to internet access.

" … It sets up a two-tiered structure," says John M. Simpson of the Consumer Watchdog
nonprofit group. "There would be a so-called ‘Public Internet,’ but
then the ISPs would be allowed to offer new premium services outside
that basic service. How long to you think anything of interest would be
available on the ‘Public Internet’?"

Simpson also decried the plan for taking wireless internet access out of the "net-neutrality" equation:

" … No neutrality principles would apply to the wireless world," he
said. "Everyone agrees mobile is clearly the Internet’s future.
Allowing data discrimination in the broadband wireless world completely
undermines the future of the Internet."

Of course, the issue of whether companies like Google and Verizon can
create two-tiered internet access will ultimately be decided by the
U.S. Congress.  Background.

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