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In an interview with NBC’s Campbell Brown, Arnold defended his East Coast fundraising blitzkrieg with the preprogrammed lines:

"This guy that’s sitting here is rich enough that I don’t ever have to
raise money for myself. All the money I’m raising is for the

That just doesn’t compute, because the big money checks collected at
those fundraisers were written to the gov’s reelection campaign
committee. All the money he’s collecting is to promote Arnold and his
agenda in big money television commercials — that helps him and boosts
his political currency.

And when faced with firefighters and nurses in New York literally
yelling "Screw Arnold," the gov insisted he’s on their side. It is
almost as though Arnold’s circuitry can’t process that his policies are
hurting real people.

On Tuesday, the gov met with Karl Rove and President Bush after his
fundraiser at the swanky St. Regis hotel. Maybe he was in for some
fine-tuning of his software. You see, more and more people are saying
that just like Karl Rove is Bush’s brain, maybe Arnold is Rove’s robot.

After all, Arnold’s "reform" plan mirrors the Rove agenda:

** The governor’s pension plan imitates the Bush Administration’s plan
to privatize social security to the benefit of Wall Street financiers;

** Arnold’s redistricting plan emulates the GOP power grab carried out in Texas;

** The governor’s broken promises on education follow the lead of the
Bush Administration’s misnomer of the under-funded "No Child Left
Behind" program; and,

** The same people that are contributing campaign cash to Bush
organized Arnold’s East Coast fundraisers. For instance, Carl Linder —
whose family runs American Financial Group and the Cincinnati Reds
baseball team — organized Arnold’s recent Cincinnati fundraiser,
contributed $200,000 to Arnold’s initiative campaign and is a Bush
Ranger (someone who has raised more than $200,000 for the president).

The influence is obvious to the 150 nurses and firefighters who showed
up outside Arnold’s fundraiser on Monday at New York’s legendary 21
Club – adorned by sculptures of jockeys – to proclaim that Arnold is
"Wall Street’s Jockey." To view a photo of California’s jockey in chief
go to:

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