Pushers Pumpin’ Up Arnold

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Arnold told George
Stephanopoulos on ABC’s "This Week" that he does not regret taking
steroids as a bodybuilder. But he wouldn’t do it again.

Maybe one of the reasons the gov is so unashamed of his drug habit is that he is still hanging out with the upper crowd.

According to Roll Call, Arnold’s D.C. booster lunch next Tuesday — two
blocks from the White House at the St. Regis hotel — is being hosted
by the Dutko group. What Roll Call didn’t say is that Dutko was the
lead lobbying firm opposing FDA oversight of Ephedra, the herbal
athletic and sexual performance enhancer similar to methamphetamines
which has been linked to more than 80 deaths and banned by the FDA.

It’s wrong for Arnold to be hitting up out-of-state groups that will
profit from the gov’s plan to privatize state pension funds, but it’s
another level of crassness altogether for the former fitness advisor to
the president to take money from drug pushers.

Arnold should cancel the lunch and come clean about his addiction to big money.

Read more at: http://ArnoldWatch.org

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