Nurse: Can I Have a Socket Wrench?

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Arnold’s head honcho on
consumer issues said today that in order to save money, California
should "cross-train" its consumer protection investigators. In fact,
Secretary of State and Consumer Services Fred Aguiar specifically
testified before a state commission today that the state’s automotive
repair shop investigators could be cross-trained as medical
investigators. So, the people who check what’s under your hood also
check what’s, well, under your hood.

Of course, having auto mechanics doubling as the state’s medical
watchdogs might not be the best public protection strategy. It turns
out that inspecting tailpipe emissions requires an entirely different
skill set than following up on colonoscopies.

Under Arnold’s plan, Aguiar would be the final word on the policing of
all professions and industries, rather than the existing public
protection boards made up of citizens and professionals who meet in
public, according to open meeting laws. Giving these powers to a
bureaucrat who thinks oversight of anesthesiologists and brake guys
should be done by the same person, would be hazardous to your health.

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