Google CEO: People Won’t Freak Out When Glass is Used in the Restroom

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Google CEO Larry Page is pretty confident most people will be comfortable with others walking around wearing Glass, the company's new smartglasses, and not worry about protecting their privacy.

How comfortable? Comfortable enough to be in the restroom while others use the device.

"You don't collapse in terror that someone might be using Glass in the bathroom just the same as you don't collapse in terror when someone comes in with a smartphone that might take a picture," Page said Thursday, according to the Associated Press. 

WATCH: Google Glass through the eyes of an early adopter

At the company's annual shareholders meeting held at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, Page took questions, and some of them concerned privacy concerns with Glass, which lets users easily and effortlessly take pictures and record video by simply speaking a command and pointing their face in the direction of what they would like to record.

Since the device was announced last year, privacy concerns have been voiced by many, including a new online organization named Stop the Cyborgs that was created to monitor how Google handles privacy concerns in relation to the new device. The device has also been banned in various places, including bars, strip clubs, movie theaters, and most recently, casinos.

But Google has taken steps to calm users' fears. For example, last week it announced that it would not approve any applications that include facial recognition technology. Page, though, believes that many of the privacy concerns are being overblown.

"People worry about all sorts of things that actually, when we use the product, it is not that big a concern," he said. 

Glass is not available yet to the general public, but Google has already sold an early version of the head-mounted display to thousands of early adopters for $1,500 a piece. The company has previously said a general release likely won't happen until next year.

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