Google Cars Pulled After Privacy “Mistake”

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It’s certainly something to think about if you regularly use public
Wi-Fi networks to go online.

Google is apologizing for scooping
up bits of people’s online activities when they use Wi-Fi networks. The
Google-owned cars that provide pictures for the "Street Views" on Google
Maps and Google Earth accidentally collected personal information from
unprotected Wi-Fi networks.  The company had been doing this now for the
past four years.

In its apology, Google says it only recently
found out about the problem when German regulators began asking
questions about the practice. The breach of Web etiquette is likely to
raise more privacy concerns about Google – the Internet search leader.

of Google’s most outspoken critics is Consumer Watchdog; and, after
this latest news, it is renewing its call for a regulatory crackdown on
the company.

The best way to protect your Wi-Fi network is encrypt
your network with WEP or WPA encryption. 

The WPA and WPA2
encryption methods offer the best protection.  Both encryptions change
your password keys constantly making it nearly impossible for hackers to
figure out your code.  PC experts say you should still create a strong
password using both capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

find out how to encrypt your wireless network, read the manual for your
wireless router or call the company (Linksys, NETGEAR, Balkin, etc.).

Email: [email protected] 

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