Consumer Advocates Insist UC Regents Review $500 Million “UC-BP” Deal; Demand Proposed Contract Terms Be Made Public

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Santa Monica, CA — The University of California Board of Regents must approve any contract with BP creating the controversial Energy Biosciences Institute at UC Berkley before it is signed, The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) insisted today.

The group also demanded the contract be made public before it is signed.

“The administration is on the verge of transforming California’s premier public university into UC-BP without any real discussion or oversight by the Regents,” said John M. Simpson, FTCR consumer advocate and member of its project.

Announced last February, the $500 million deal envisions bringing 50 BP scientists to the Berkeley campus to conduct secret proprietary research. Though the deal was proposed nine months ago, negotiations on the contract have taken the last nine months. The proposed pact — still secret — is now in the office of UC President Robert Dynes. There have been reports it could be signed next week.

In a letter to Dynes and Richard C. Blum, Chairman of the Regents, Simpson said such action would be “unacceptable.”

“The people of California are shareholders of the University of California and they, and their representatives, deserve an opportunity to comment on a momentous change in the system — not simply be presented with a fait d’accomplis,” Simpson wrote.

Click here to read Simpson’s letter.

A half-billion dollar grant will change the face of research at California’s premier public institution forever, letting the agenda be set by corporate interests, FTCR warned. While routine research grants have been ratified at the local campus level, this proposal is anything but ordinary.

“Clearly such a deal that could change the course of higher education in the state must be discussed and ratified by the Regents and its proposed terms released so that the public may offer comments,” Simpson wrote.

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