Australian news video calls Google “a company on steroids”

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A video produced by Hungry Beast, a weekly news show on Australian television puts Internet giant Google’s huge ambitions and gargantuan reach into dramatic perspective.

Google, says the video quoting former Intel Chairman Andy Grove, is "a company on steroids, with a finger in every industry."

The video explains the company’s business  model:

"Google wants to know who your are, where you are and what you want, so it can target ads at you."

As Hungry Beast points out, CEO Eric Schmidt acknowledges Google is an advertising company with 97 percent of revenues from that activity.

Take a look at Hungry Beast’s portrayal of the company whose "name became a verb" to see why so many of us are concerned. The video cannot be viewed on Hungry Beast’s Website unless you’re down under.  Fortunately for those outside of Australia, the video can be seen through Vimeo, a competitor to Google’s YouTube.

I’ve embedded a link below; take a look for yourself:


THE BEAST FILE: GOOGLE from Hungry Beast on Vimeo.

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