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"People here tonight are
paying more for dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger than I make in an
entire year as a disabled worker on workers compensation," Jodi Greggs
of Sacramento said outside of the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento tonight.
She and other Arnoldwatchers were denied entry to Arnold’s capitol
fundraiser where a private dinner with the Guv cost $21,200.

Ms. Greggs and Jon Marcus, a businessman who is struggling to afford
his health insurance, didn’t have the cash for the bash. But they had
21,200 green jelly beans in hopes Arnold would be more concerned about
their problems than what kind of green they had to offer. Alas, the
message from the Governor was clear: "You’re not welcome here, it’s a
private affair," was the only response they repeatedly received from
the guards at the door. Nor were television, radio or newspaper
reporters allowed entrance to this private fundraiser, held just two
blocks from the capitol. The TV cameras could merely shine their bright
lights through the floor-to-ceiling windows trying to make out the
lobbyists and special interest donors who were lining up to pay for
access to Arnold.

Greggs and Marcus tried to pass letters explaining their circumstances
through the security, but the governor’s people would not even take
their notes. Donors "come on through, the rest of you are not welcome."
Nor would a governor’s staff person come outside into the cold night to
hear Greggs and Marcus out. So much for equal access and open
government. To read more about Greggs and Marcus click here:

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