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KNX-AM (Radio) – Los Angeles, CA: Gasoline Supplies in California Are Being Kept Artificially Low

By Staff Reporters, KNX – Los Angeles, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

Politico – Unanswered questions on the wildfire insurance deal

By Blanca Begert, POLITICO WE HAVE A DEAL — Things moved pretty quickly today. Around 2:00 p.m., Gov. Gavin Newsom put out an executive order urging Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara to take swift regulatory action to stabilize California’s insurance market. By 3:30 p.m., the insurance...

KQED Bay Curious – Cashing In on the Future of California’s Bottle Deposit System

By Steven Rascón, KQED Bay Curious When Paul Beach was a kid growing up in Maine, he remembers going to a recycling center that was part of a grocery store. He watched people walk into this large space with...

The Daily Kos – 55 groups urge Gov. Newsom to veto Big Oil-backed bill weakening refinery price gouging legislation

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS Los Angeles, CA — The struggle between Big Oil, represented by the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), and climate justice, environmental and public interest  groups, amped up in California this week. Fifty-five organizations sent a letter to...

CalMatters – Newsom burnishes his national image by waging new attack on oil industry

By Dan Walters, CALMATTERS When Ken Cory, an assemblyman from Orange County, was running for state controller 49 years ago, he portrayed himself as “the man oil companies fear the most.” Ever since, California politicians have periodically – when it...

KPIX-SF (CBS) – San Francisco, CA: California Gas Prices Are Soaring Again

CW president, Jamie Court, says gas prices in California are $1.76 per gallon higher than the U.S. gas prices, and oil companies already doubled their profits this year. 

LA ist – Here Are The Major Climate Bills That Made It Through California’s Legislature This Year

By Erin Stone, LA IST The California Legislature wrapped up its session last week and dozens of climate bills now await Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature — or veto. They range from corporate accountability to clean energy, transportation, water and...

KCAL-LA – Los Angeles, CA: Gas Prices Skyrocketing

Oil companies have doubled profits this year from 66 cents a gallon to $1.20 a gallon, and the only way to stop it is if we institute a price penalty.

KTLA-LA (CW) – Los Angeles, CA: So Cal Gas Prices Nearing $6 a Gallon

Consumer Watchdog says the gap between California prices in the nation is now close to a $1.44 a gallon and growing.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom – “This is a Big Big Deal”: Climate Leaders Praise California’s Lawsuit to Hold Big Oil Accountable

By The Office of Governor Gavin Newsom After Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Friday that California is suing Big Oil for more than 50 years of deception, cover-up, and damage, climate leaders across the country have shared...

Ventura County Star – Will Newsom allow legislators to assist gas gougers?

By Tom Elias, VENTURA COUNTY STAR,lying%20and%20gasoline%20price%20gouging. It’s up to Gov. Gavin Newsom, but if he signs a last-minute bill just passed by the state Legislature, California will be sending conflicting messages to big oil companies about lying and gasoline...

The Daily Kos – California oil production declines as U.S. crude oil production soars to record levels

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS Today I’m going to talk briefly about oil production in California and the U.S. and the Big Oil lobbying and other money behind it. When I first started reporting on this issue over a decade...

KNX-AM (Radio) – Los Angeles, CA: Diving Into CA’s New Division of Petroleum Market Oversight

By Staff Reporters, KNX – Los Angeles, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

Spectrum News 1 (San Fernando Valley) – Los Angeles, CA: Controversy Over Gas Storage Facility

Jamie Court states that data shows that daily balancing which means using the gas is already in our pipeline is more beneficial.

KPCC-FM (Radio) – Los Angeles, CA: CPUC Voted Unanimously This Afternoon to Expand Natural Gas Storage

By Staff Reporters, KPCC – Los Angeles, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

The Orange County Register – From dueling ballot measures to a new czar, the battle over California oil heats up

Oil companies are spending record amounts to push back against policies that could limit profits, restrict new drilling, boost accountability and more. By Brook Staggs, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER As climate change boosts deadly heat waves, fires and flooding this...

The Sacramento Bee – ‘Sense of mission.’ California’s new gas price watchdog known for taking on economic crimes

By Stephen Hobbs, THE SACRAMENTO BEE Richard Powers was first exposed to Tai Milder's enthusiasm on a long drive from West Virginia more than a decade ago.  The recently-hired federal prosecutors had just finished up U.S. Department of Justice training...

The Daily Kos – Big Oil pumps $13 million into killing climate bills in California in first half of 2023

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS Sacramento — The outrageous lobbying spending by Big Oil and Big Gas to influence the Legislature, regulators and Governor’s Office in California appears to be only getting worse, according to the latest lobbying disclosures with...

KCRW-FM (Radio) – Los Angeles, CA: Liza Tucker Answers Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Recycling

By Staff Reporters, KCRW – Los Angeles, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

KCRW – Does plastic recycling work? KCRW answers all your questions

By Caleigh Wells, KCRW “Is recycling really worth the effort?” “What belongs in the blue bin?” “How much do I need to prep my recyclables so they don’t end up as landfill?” You asked us recycling questions, and we put them...

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