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Price Gouging Penalty and Oil Refiner Accountability Bill To Become Law

Sacramento, CA - Legislation backed by Governor Newsom to create a new state watchdog with power to prevent price gouging at the gas pump cleared the California Assembly by a vote of 52 to 19 and is now...

CA Senate Passes Gasoline Price Gouging Penalty And Oil Refinery Transparency Bill, Goes to Assembly  

Sacramento, CA -- A landmark measure to rein in skyrocketing California gasoline prices has cleared the California Senate by a vote of 30 to 8.  “This bill puts a watchdog over gasoline price gouging and gives it the teeth...

Price gouging Penalty Passes First Hurdle; Consumer Watchdog Testifies In Assembly About Need for Penalty and Transparency Reforms, $590 Million Oil Exec Stock Grab

SBx1 2, the newly amended proposal for a price gouging penalty and oil refiner transparency, passed its first test in the California Senate Utilities, Energy and Commerce Committee

Governor and Legislature Strike Deal on Price Gouging Penalty And Oil Refiner Transparency

Making California First State In America To Rein In Oil Refiner Greed and Profiteering Los Angeles, CA – Governor Newsom and California legislature leaders have reached a deal to push through a new oil refiner accountability law including a price...

Executives And Insiders At CA Big 5 Refiners Cashed Out $590 Million In Company Stock During 2022 In Wartime Profiteering

Top executives and insiders at California’s big five oil refiners cashed out $590 million in stock in 2022, according to a review of filings with Securities Exchange Commission by the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog.

Consumer Watchdog Testifies For Windfall Profits Cap At CA Senate Energy Committee

Sacramento, CA – Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court will offer testimony in favor of enacting a price gouging penalty and windfall profits cap on oil refiners at the California Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee today. His presentation, linked here, documents the...

Over 100 Groups Support California Legislation Curtailing Excessive Refinery Profits

Labor, Working Families Party, progressive and climate justice organizations unite on bill to penalize future gasoline price gouging Sacramento, CA — Over 100 state, local, and national organizations sent a letter calling on the California Legislature to adopt Governor Gavin Newsom’s price...

PBF Energy, Last of California’s Big Five Refiners To Report 2022 Results, Finishes Parade Of Windfall Profits In California

Los Angeles, CA—PBF Energy today posted an annual profit of $2.9 billion. The five refiners controlling California’s gasoline market --  PBF Energy, Chevron, Marathon Petroleum, Valero, and Phillips 66 – have now reported  a combined 2022 annual profit of $75.4...

Consumer Watchdog Provides Testimony Of Manipulation of Natural Gas Prices In Southern California To Public Utilities Commission

San Francisco, CA – Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court offered the following testimony to the Public Utilities Commission on the spike in natural gas prices in Southern California:  Something is clearly wrong with the natural gas market in the...

Two California Refiners Reveal Windfall Profits For 2022, Continuing In Footsteps of Chevron

Los Angeles, CA—Marathon Petroleum made 75 cents in profit per gallon off West Coast drivers in 2022, virtually doubling what it made the year before, strengthening the case for the California legislature to enact a windfall profits penalty....

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