Consumer Watchdog on the New Bill SB372 and the Collapse of CA's Bottle Redemption System

Jamie Court introduces Consumer Watchdog's new report "Trashed," on CA's failing recycling program.

Consumer Watchdog Urges Overhaul of CA’s Recycling Program Via New Bill SB372

Liza Tucker explains that CA's recycling program is on the verge of collapse

Consumer Watchdog Ranks CA's Bottle Deposit System Worst in Nation, SB372 Reaches Senate

CBS SF Presents Consumer Watchdog's Push for an Overhaul of CA's bottle deposit system

Bill To Overhaul Bottle Deposit System Passes Out Of Senate Committee

Los Angeles, CA — Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court said in testimony today before the Senate Environmental Quality Committee on bottle deposit reform legislation, SB 372, that it is time for the beverage industry to take responsibility for recycling the empties that their beverages leave behind, as is done in all other successful bottle deposit programs here and around the world.

Central Coast Winemakers React To New CA Bill Proposing Industry-Run Bottle Recycling Program

By Anikka Abbott, KCOY CBS TV-12 /KEYT ABC TV-7 / KKFX FOX TV-11 Santa Barbara, CA

January 15, 2020…

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Senate Bill 372, The Beverage Container Recycling Act of 2020, passed the state senate Environmental Quality Committee Wednesday.

Press Conference on Consumer Watchdog’s new report “Trashed” and the Failures of CA’s Bottle Deposit System

Liza Tucker details the Failures of CA's Bottle Deposit System

Consumer Watchdog Warns Of Bottle Deposit System Collapse Without Major Reform

Los Angeles, CA — Consumer Watchdog reported today that a major overhaul of the state’s once-vaunted bottle deposit system is needed to make drink makers responsible for refunding deposits or consumers will continue to lose a greater share of the roughly $1.5 billion a year they pay in nickel and dime deposits. Redemption centers that redeem bottle and can deposits are closing in the face of economic hardship.