Inside A California Health Care Union's Obsession With Kidney Dialysis Initiative

By Victoria Colliver, POLITICO PRO

November 19, 2021

OAKLAND – California voters are beginning to feel trapped in the electoral version of Groundhog Day. For the third straight election cycle, they are being asked to make complex decisions about kidney dialysis. 

The last two dialysis initiatives failed resoundingly. But for the union behind the bids, victory at the ballot box may not be the point. 

$7 Signatures Block Citizen Access to Ballot Initiative Process, E-Signatures Can Restore It, Says New Report

Los Angeles, CA – The cost to qualify an initiative measure for the November 2020 ballot averaged a record-high $7.22 per valid signature, a prohibitive cost that locks average Californians out of the initiative process, according to a new report released by Consumer Watchdog today.

What’s In A Name? Everything, Unhappy California Initiative Backers Say As They Sue State


August 2, 2020…

Campaigns in four of the 12 initiative measures in California’s November election have sued state Attorney General Xavier Becerra, charging that his office wasn’t fair and neutral when it prepared the titles and summaries that will appear on the ballot.