Star in your own No on 33 Video Story

The insurance industry will spend millions of dollars on deceptive advertising claiming Prop 33 will save everyone money. We can't match their money and flashy television ads, but with your help we will win the way we always do: With personal stories and grassroots power.

Do you have a video camera or a webcam and access to a computer?  Then our response to Prop 33 starts with you!

It's easy to tell us your No On 33 Video Story – Just answer these four simple questions:

  1. Who you are and what you do? (For example: I'm a student, engineer, mom, bus driver)
  2. Why do you currently not have insurance, or why didn't you have insurance for some time in the past? (For example: I lived in the city and took public transit for a year, but my new job is far away and I have to drive to work)
  3. Do you think you should have to pay more when you buy insurance again?
  4. Tell us how you're voting on Prop 33. (hint: No would be a good choice)

Still need a little more help setting up your video? Watch Kyle's video again and see how he describes what will happen if Prop 33 passes.

Once you have your video ready to go, visit Consumer Watchdog's Consumer Complaint Page to submit it. Make sure you attach your video as a File Attachment, and fill out all of your contact information so we can reach you if we have any questions.

Thank you for participating in our video story program and for helping us build our campaign against the insurance industry's deceptive Proposition 33.