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Consumer Watchdog Heralds Landmark CA Consumer Privacy Reform

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 16:14

LOS ANGELES, CA –Consumer Watchdog said today that the new privacy law passed today in California is a landmark reform and should be a bellwether for America.

"Today, Californians won the right to control their private information and to hold companies accountable for data breaches with stiff financial penalties," said Jamie Court. "This landmark reform should spread to all of America and be implemented for all Americans just as it has been for Californians. 

"For the first time,California has legislated that companies pay a financial toll when they are responsible for data breaches and must therefore offer consumers new controls over their private information. Silicon Valley companies will very likely implement many of these reforms across their entire customer base, not just for Californians.”

"Today, California has led the way and we must be ever vigilant in the next year that the legislature does not undermine these protections at the behest of tech lobbyists and moguls."

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