Ruth MacInnes

Ruth MacInnes

HMO doctors, paid through Medicare, failed to provide medical tests to diagnose and treat heart disease in my mother over a two year period. The HMO physicians failed to respond to cardiogenic shock emergencies.

Kenneth Evan Kennedy

Kenneth Evan Kennedy

Evan Kennedy, his father says, was not a foolhardy man. He knew he had an inherited heart problem, so when he decided to train for a marathon in San Francisco to raise money for leukemia research, he checked with his doctor. She, too, knew he had heart difficulties. But she told him that, since he had not displayed any symptoms, he could go ahead and run.

Kay Marchioni

Kay Marchioni

In July of 2000, Kay Marchioni, a second grade and pre-school teacher in Chicago, beat cancer at the age of 56. She decided to do something nice for herself. She had heard about a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who had appeared on Fox television, Good Morning America, and in People magazine. She called him and asked if he could "tuck" her upper eyelids.

Elderly Woman the Victim of a Cascade of Medical Errors Dies. Her Daughter Unable to Get Justice

Concesa was an elderly retiree and a grandmother with many grand children.  She was a long time Angelino that lived with her daughter Griselle.  One day Concesa was experiencing breathing difficulties, so Griselle, herself a doctor, took her to the hospital where she worked.  What followed could be described as nothing short of a series of continued failures on the part of the medical staff. 

Damage Cap Keeps Malpractice Victim Out of Court

Pat Filaseta is no stranger to fighting adversity. When she was 13 she had polio and came out of the hospital with a leg brace and a limp. She felt lucky; she knew it could have been much worse. Within a year or two she was able to walk without any brace or orthopedic device, and did so all her adult life.

A decade later Pat was diagnosed with severe hyper-thyroidism and had her thyroid removed. With treatment and medication, she adapted, and led an active life, swimming, working and giving birth to two children. "I was always in excellent health," she says.

California Supreme Court Affirms Medical Board’s Use Of State Prescription Drug Database to Discipline Dangerous Doctors and Prevent Opioid Abuse

Santa Monica, CA – The California Supreme Court today issued a decision affirming the right of the Medical Board of California to use the state prescription drug database to protect patients from incompetent and negligent doctors, and to prevent dangerous and illegal prescribing of opioids and other powerful medications.

La Jolla Physician Michelle Brown’s Medical License Suspended

An accusation filed by the Attorney General of California, on behalf of the Medical Board of California, details how La Jolla Doctor Michelle Brown dealt with substance abuse while still holding a valid medical license to practice in California.

According to the documents, Brown traveled to Thailand twice to enter a substance abuse program, once in 2009 and again in 2014.

The documents also indicate she entered the Betty Ford Center in 2010 and the Promises Treatment Centers program in 2013 and 2015.