Jordan Perez, Hesperia

Jordan Perez’s love for softball began at four years old.  She played for Riverside Girls Softball Association where she was a two-time All Star.  She also played travel ball and made the high school softball team.   The softball life was a family affair with her dad, Anthony, as coach of one

Naya Maraviglia, Arroyo Grande

Jamie Maraviglia’s pregnancy and delivery with her daughter Naya was fairly routine and uneventful. After Naya’s birth, Jamie and her husband Dan were excited to bring their daughter home and enjoy their new family of four. Everything appeared to be fine at first, but Naya did not have a bowel movement within the first 24 hours of birth and was refusing to eat.

Mia Moreno, Fullerton

On February 2, 2014, Bree and Nelson Moreno were thrilled to welcome their baby girl Mia into the world. It had been a good pregnancy followed by a normal C-section, with no red flags at birth. Mia’s Apgar scores (which indicate a newborn’s state of health) were all normal.

Jennifer Ha, San Francisco

Jennifer Ha was a Vietnamese refugee and the matriarch of her thirteen-person household. She had orchestrated her family’s escape from Vietnam. At 38, she ran the family business, two nail salons, and was a pillar of strength for her extended family. They lived in Santa Rosa. 

Joe Allen, Corona

Joe Allen is a U.S. Army veteran who proudly served our country as a Specialist/Combat Engineer in the Kosovo conflict. In civilian terms, Joe blew things up. Honorably discharged after three years of service, he went on to build a successful career in sales.