KNBC Los Angeles: Consumer Watchdog Calls on Newsom to Address CA's Failed Bottle Deposit System

Jamie Court calls on Newsom to address failed bottle deposit system

If You’ve Found It Impossible to Recycle in California, You’re Not the Only One

By Lolita Lopez, KNBC TV-4 Los Angeles, CA

February 19, 2020…

Many Californians are having a tough time recycling bottles and cans and getting back deposits as hundreds of recycling centers shutter throughout the state -- but something else is going on behind the scenes that is making it even worse. 

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: 

Group Sues California Commissioner Over Public Records Of Dealings With Insurance Executives


February 18, 2020

A non-profit consumer group announced on Tuesday it has filed a lawsuit to compel California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the California Department of Insurance to hand over records of Lara’s meetings and communications with insurance companies.

U.S. Senator Says Tesla Should Change 'Autopilot' Name

Sen. Ed Markey alleges Tesla drivers are confused by the name and capabilities of Autopilot.


February 4, 2020…

The Tesla "Autopilot" name allegedly should be changed to clarify the technology isn't fully autonomous and it requires a driver to stay fully engaged with the vehicle and its surroundings.