By Susannah Luthi, POLITICO PRO

March 30, 2022

SPYING CARS: According to a new report from Consumer Watchdog, car companies are collecting and sharing a growing amount of drivers' personal data, Luthi writes.

The report digs into a contentious California debate over "telematics" — when auto insurance companies can gather and use driver data to inform their rates. But it also notes that starting in January when the state's new privacy law is slated to roll out that California will be the first in the nation to allow drivers to opt out of precise geolocation programs in their cars.

Among other findings: More than 500 companies trade drivers' personal data as of 2021. In fact, the analysis says, that number grew from 200 over just three months last year. And some carmakers are now partnering with software companies to send drivers' information to apps for Dominos, IHOP, Shell and other chains.