Consumer Advocate Says DWP Ratepayer Advocate’s Contract Should Not Be Renewed

By Sandy Wells, KABC 790 AM Los Angeles, CA

October 29, 2018…

How can DWP’s public advocate Fred Pickel remain cool as a cucumber in the face of rising frustration over utility rates?

The answer says’s Lizel Tucker is that Pickel has stopped answering the phone.

”Customers have been completely screwed. He doesn’t look into customer complaints. They don’t know that he exists. And, he won’t return a call from ConsumerWatchdog. He will not speak to us.”

Pickel has been re-nominated by a citizen’s panel for another five-year contract at a salary of $300,000 a year. Consumer Watchdog’s March 2018 report, “The Price of Pickel,” found that the former Enron consultant has cost ratepayers seven billion dollars by either rubberstamping wasteful D-W-P decisions or failing to defend ratepayer interests.

Lizel Tucker was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.