By Staff Reporters, VENDING TIMES

September 10, 2021…

The California Assembly failed to act on a budget proposal put forth by the Senate to shore up Californian's bottle deposit system and offer consumers ways to return bottles and cans for deposit, according to a press release. The refusal comes as CalRecycle, the state's regulator, reported the latest redemption rate — the rate at which consumer receive their CRV deposits back — fell to 56% for the month of June, according to Consumer Watchdog.

The measure would have spent:

  • $9.6 million to establish 40 community redemption depots throughout the state that redeem California Refund Value deposits.
  • $22 million to enable consumers to redeem their CRV deposits by feeding containers into reverse vending machines and bag drop machines at 400 grocery stores throughout the state.
  • $20 million for each of three years to recyclers to compensate them for millions of dollars in lost revenue over the past five years as commodity prices for plastic and glass fell.