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California To Allow Autonomous Cars Without Driver

California officials Wednesday unveiled new regulations that would allow autonomous vehicles to operate on state roads in test projects without a human operator.

A revised regulation which could take effect in 2018 would eliminate a provision in an earlier draft that required "physical control by a natural person sitting in the vehicle's driver's seat" in any autonomous car.

The language was replaced with a requirement for "supervising the autonomous technology's performance of the dynamic driving task."

California Plans To Allow Autonomous Cars Without Backup Drivers

Oct. 11 (UPI) -- California is developing a plan to allow the testing of driverless cars without someone behind the steering wheel by next June.

On Wednesday, the state Department of Motor Vehicles released proposed rules. The department is seeking public comment until Oct. 25.

Officials hope to submit final regulations by the end of this year and allow the cars to pick up non-paying passengers without a backup driver by June.

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DMV paves way for human-free fully autonomous vehicles

Totally autonomous cars with no drivers, no passengers nor steering wheels are set to roll out onto California's streets under rules proposed by the US state's Department of Motor Vehicles.

The regulator's suggested changes to the Golden State's red tape, published Wednesday, would grease the wheels for testing next-gen self-driving rides, a move that will be welcomed by techies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Autonomous Cars Without Backup Drivers Could Come To California Roads Before June

Fully autonomous vehicles — without backup drivers — could be on California public roads by June or earlier, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles said Wednesday as it unveiled a new version of proposed rules.

The new draft regulations add requirements for companies testing self-driving cars to notify local authorities about where and when the testing will occur, but impose no requirement to ask for permission, the DMV said in a conference call.

Revised DMV Robot Car Rules Would Weaken Safety Protections, Consumer Watchdog Warns

SANTA MONICA, CA – Revised regulations formally proposed today by the California Department of Motor Vehicles covering deployment of robot cars and testing of self-driving cars without steering wheels weaken safety protections because they wrongly rely on nonexistent federal safety standards, Con

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