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Self-Driving Uber Kills Arizona Woman In First Fatal Crash Involving Pedestrian

Tempe police said car was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and that the vehicle hit a woman who later died at a hospital

By Sam Levin and Julia Carrie, THE GUARDIAN UK

March 19, 2018…

First Pedestrian Death In Collision With Self-Driving Vehicle

By Staff Reporters, TRUCK NEWS

March 19, 2018…

TEMPE, Ariz. – A tragic collision overnight has resulted in the first pedestrian death from a self-driving vehicle and has suspended a large live-test of semi-autonomous vehicles with Uber.

Self-Driving Cars Raise Legal Issues

Crash in San Francisco has led motorcyclist to sue General Motors. Collisions with standard vehicles called inevitable


March 9, 2018

Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of General Motors, talks with workers and members of the media at the Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township, Mich., last summer, announcing that the company completed production of 130 Chevrolet Bolt EV test vehicles.

Mayor Calls On Self-Driving Car Companies To Agree To Voluntary SF Safety Tests

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

March 7, 2018…

Mayor Mark Farrell is calling on the 50 companies experimenting with self-driving cars in California to prove their technology is safe in San Francisco.