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Consumer Groups File FTC Complaint Against YouTube For Collecting Kids’ Personal data Without Parental Consent

23 consumer watchdog groups say Google is not making any effort to comply with COPPA.


April 9, 2018…

YouTube Hit With Complaint By Child Advocacy Groups, Which Say It Illegally Targets Kids

By Marco della Cava, USA TODAY

April 9, 2018…

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube increasingly has been called an inappropriate video playground for kids, charges that have caused executives to vow reform.

Facebook's Facial Recognition Violates User Privacy, Watchdog Groups Plan To Tell FTC

By Mike Snyder, USA TODAY

April 5, 2018

Already under siege over loose privacy controls and Russian manipulation, Facebook is about to be challenged on another issue: facial recognition.

Amazon, Google May Want To Be A Fly On The Wall In Your Home, Patents Suggest

By Jessica Vomiero, GLOBAL NEWS CANADA

April 2, 2018

It's expected 75 per cent of US homes will have "smart speakers" by 2020, but what exactly do they do, are they safe and are they worth it? Online security expert David Papp explains.

Google And Amazon Patent Creepy SPY Systems That Use Cameras And Sensors In Your Home To Know Everything From Your Mood To Your Medical Conditions

By Ellie Zolfagharifard, THE DAILY MAIL UK

April 2, 2018

Lawsuit Claims CVS Revealed HIV Status Of Up To 6,000 People

By Staff Reporters, ASSOCIATED PRESS

March 29, 2018…

DAYTON, Ohio — CVS Health is facing a federal lawsuit claiming the company unintentionally revealed the HIV status of up to 6,000 Ohio residents though a prescription mailing.

No Driverless Cars In California? Why April 2 Won’t Make History


March 29, 2018…

Self-driving cars were supposed to make history on Monday, April 2, when for the first time, they were allowed to operate on California roads without any human vehicle assistants.

Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Victims of CVS Caremark Data Breach

By Staff Reporters, HIPAA JOURNAL

March 26, 2018…

An alleged healthcare data breach that saw the protected health information of patients of CVS Caremark exposed has resulted in legal action against CVS, Caremark, and its mailing vendor, Fiserv.

Uber Crash Shows 'Catastrophic Failure' Of Self-Driving Technology, Experts Say

Concerns raised about future testing as footage suggests fatal collision in Arizona was failing of system’s most basic functions


March 22, 2018…