Socialism For The Oil Companies: YOU End Up Paying Cleanup Costs On “Orphan Wells”

By Dan Bacher, RED GREEN & BLUE

May 21, 2020…

Consumer Watchdog called upon Governor Gavin Newsom to prevent oil companies from receiving approvals for new oil wells without first requiring full bonding for their clean-ups, according to a press release from the group today.

Consumer Group Urges Newsom: No New Wells Without Oil Co. Bonding For Permits


May 20, 2020

“Given the state’s grave deficit, it’s imperative that no new wells be approved without full bonding for their clean-up and a requirement to plug a certain number of idle wells in exchange for a new permit,” the letter said.

Coronavirus Forces California Initiative Backers To Hold Off Until 2022


April 30, 2020…

Worried about the effect the coronavirus pandemic may have on the November elections, backers will delay until 2022 a California initiative that would raise the dollar limit for damages awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits.

California Battle On Malpractice Caps Delayed To 2022 Ballot


April 30, 2020…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has delayed by two years what likely would have been one of the most expensive California ballot battles leading up to this November's election, initiative supporters said Thursday.

Mottek On Money: Consumer Advocates Ask CA Insurance Commissioner To Suspend Auto Insurance Hikes

By Frank Mottek, KNX 1070 AM Los Angeles, CA

April 27, 2020

Click here to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast:

The founder of Consumer Watchdog, Harvey Rosenfield, asks the state insurance commissioner to suspend auto insurance rate hikes during the crisis and discusses other consumer issues.

CORONAVIRUS STALL: Watchdog Urges Suspension Of Insurance Rate Hikes


April 23, 2020…

A Los Angeles-based watchdog group is urging California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara to suspend all auto insurance rate hikes through Sept. 1 or for the duration of shelter-in-place restrictions, whichever comes later.

Nursing Homes Want To Be Held Harmless For Death Toll. Here’s Why Newsom May Help Them

By Maura Dolan, Harriet Ryan and Anita Chabria, LOS ANGELES TIMES

April 23, 2020…

For weeks, nursing homes have been the epicenter of coronavirus outbreaks and deaths in California, making them prime targets for civil lawsuits and even criminal prosecutions.

Illinois Coronavirus: Matteson Man Billed Nearly $2K After Being Tested For COVID-19

By Samantha Chapman, ABC TV-7, Chicago, IL

April 21, 2020

MATTESON, Ill. (WLS) -- A Matteson man said he got tested for the coronavirus, and is now being asked to pay nearly $2,000 for it.

Now, on top of a scary health battle, Donald Utoh said he's now having to fight a financial one.

Aetna's Ex-Settlement Admin Cuts Deal To End Privacy Case

By Dorothy Atkins, LAW 360

April 20, 2020…

Law360 (April 20, 2020, 3:04 PM EDT) -- Aetna Inc. has reached a deal to resolve its lawsuit alleging a settlement administrator revealed the HIV status of more than 10,000 Aetna members through a bungled class action settlement mailing, according to filings in California federal court.

Here's How to Figure out the Amount of Homeowners Insurance You Should Actually Buy

By Chris Taylor, MONEY

April 13, 2020…

Here’s some advice for new homeowners figuring out how much insurance coverage to buy: Think back to the popular childhood fable, and keep the Goldilocks Principle in mind: Not too much, not too little, but just right.

Coalition Slams Newsom Administration For Approving 24 New Fracking Permits


April 11, 2020

The issuing of new fracking permits took place less than two months after Consumer Watchdog and the FracTracker Alliance reported that the total number of oil and gas well permits issued in 2019 under the Newsom Administration rivals the number issued during the last year in office of former Governor Jerry Brown.

Transamerica Settles Class-Action Suit Worth Up to $88 Million in Credits

By Timothy Darragh, BEST WIRE

April 8, 2020

Transamerica Life Insurance Co. has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by policyholders who alleged it improperly increased monthly charges on their universal life insurance policies.

According to the settlement agreement in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Transamerica will pay up to $88 million in account value credits to policies in effect and those for which death claims were pending as of Dec. 31, 2019.

Watchdog Says Car Insurance Companies Should Reduce Premiums

By Randy Mac, KNBC TV-4 Los Angeles, CA

April 7, 2020…

On Monday Allstate insurance announced it’s issuing partial refunds to its car insurance customers due to “stay at home” orders. But consumer advocates say the entire industry needs to step up.

The once clogged freeways in the LA region are mostly empty.

California Issues First New Fracking Permits Since July


April 4, 2020…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California issued 24 hydraulic fracturing permits on Friday, authorizing the first new oil wells in the state since July of last year and angering environmental groups who have been pressuring the state to ban the procedure known as fracking.

Fracking In California Gets Green Light After 9-Month Pause; Aera Energy Receives Permits

By Janet Wilson, THE DESERT SUN

April 3, 2020…

California regulators on Friday issued fracking permits for the first time in nine months, saying federal scientists had given clearance for 24 permits to Aera Energy for oil well stimulation in Kern County.

How Auto Insurers Use Your Nondriving Habits To Raise Prices


February 26, 2020…

You expect your car insurance rates to increase after you buy a new vehicle, cause a crash or add a young driver to your policy. But some insurers jack up prices based on seemingly unrelated data - like your magazine subscriptions or what groceries you buy.

Rally At State Of The State Calls On Newsom To Phase Out Oil Production


February 22, 2020

On the morning of February 19, activists from groups affiliated with the Last Chance Alliance held a spirited rally on the sidewalk outside the west steps of the Capitol just before Governor Newsom delivered his State of the State address.

If You’ve Found It Impossible to Recycle in California, You’re Not the Only One

By Lolita Lopez, KNBC TV-4 Los Angeles, CA

February 19, 2020…

Many Californians are having a tough time recycling bottles and cans and getting back deposits as hundreds of recycling centers shutter throughout the state -- but something else is going on behind the scenes that is making it even worse. 

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: 

Group Sues California Commissioner Over Public Records Of Dealings With Insurance Executives


February 18, 2020

A non-profit consumer group announced on Tuesday it has filed a lawsuit to compel California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the California Department of Insurance to hand over records of Lara’s meetings and communications with insurance companies.