Dirty Money

Dirty Money

Consumer Watchdog fights to make your voice heard by calling out dirty politicians and attacking the influence of the special interests that keep them in power. From Sacramento to Washington D.C., we follow the money trail from special interests to policymakers and track bad public policy back from politicians to their donors.  

Our LA Watchdog project is now keeping watch on corruption in the City of Los Angeles's Department of Water & Power, Mayor's Office and City Council. Our old web site CapitolWatchdog.org was dedicated to pulling the curtain back on corruption in California's state capitol through the Jerry Brown Administration.

Santa Monica, CA -- The LADWP’s pledge to give customers a bill of rights is a step forward, but the LADW

Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog wrote Mayor Eric Garcetti today that last-minute revisions to a DWP

Santa Monica, CA — Angelenos who voted down Measure RRR delivered the message to the largest municipal utilit

Consumer Watchdog pointed out that the ballot measure contains deceptive language that allows un-elected commissioners to sign multi-million dollar long-term contracts without City Council approval, removes all City Council oversight over power contracts up to 30 years in length, and in some case

LADWP's Measure RRR on the LA City Ballot is the Rotten Ratepayer Ripoff.

Santa Monica, CA — LA Charter Measure RRR makes LADWP less accountable for its billing errors and allow

Velma, a retired school teacher, explains how LADWP's mismanagement sent her to the ER for high blood pressure after getting a $16,000 bill for water. Vote NO On giving LADWP even less oversight, LA's Measure RRR. Paid for by No on RRR, Neighborhoods

LADWP incorrectly billed a ratepayer in Northridge for $17,000 and threatened to turn off her power, and didn't do anything to correct it until KCBS contacted them.

LADWP ratepayers who were misbilled and overcharged will have to wait until mid-2017 to get their refunds, in yet another delay.

Santa Monica, CA — Consumer Watchdog today said that court filings by the Los Angeles Department of Water

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle for the third time failed to grant prelimi

Los Angeles, CA -- Consumer Watchdog and overbilled ratepayers today urged Los Angeles City l

SANTA MONICA, CA – Google Apps can be dangerous, Consumer Watchdog warned today and the public interest group said Los Angeles has been respo