Creative Director

John W. Ennis is a lmmaker and author. His feature lms are PAY
2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes, about money in politics, FREE
FOR ALL! One Dude’s Quest to Save Our Elections, about voter
suppression, and the Upright Citizens Brigade‘s Wild Girls Gone
starring Amy Poehler and Matt Walsh. Ennis has written for The
Hu ngton Post, The Onion, and Melrose & Fairfax. He is a co-
founder of Video the Vote, a citizen journalism project exposing
election problems, and served as executive director and board
member for Public Interest Pictures. He attended the lm schools
at New York University and University of Southern California and has taught documentary lmmaking at UCLA Extension. His book, Where Else But The Streets: A Street Art Dossier, chronicles political street art in Los Angeles.