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The Gov told the L.A. Daily
News recently that an Arnold Cam would be wildly popular. "If you would
have a camera in my office -- I mean, people would be howling," Arnold
said. "It would be the highest-rated show in the nation." Click here to read the article.

Okay, Arnold, go for it. We dare you. In fact, we'll help you. If you
agree to having a reality TV-style film crew covering your every move
through the special election (plenty of time to make your case for
reform) we'll take off-line and instead show the public
the live feed. You can turn the cameras off for personal time, but not
during fundraisers or meetings with Allan Zaremberg or donor phone
calls. Arnold Cam is the best idea you've had yet. That is, as long as
you're not afraid of hearing: "You're fired."