Donate Today

Giving your biggest donors access to your chief of staff (as the LA Times reports today)
in special briefings when the laws forbid fundraising and policy to be
mentioned in the same breath. Asking developers that have contributed
millions to you in campaign cash to host fundraising meetings to
discuss a $222 billion bond plan that will be a huge financial boon for
those developers. Riding a motorcycle without a license, then not
accepting a ticket from the California Highway Patrol detail that was
with you or enrolling in traffic school.

The contrite Schwarzenegger of the State of the State has developed not
only a fat lip, but a fat head. His recklessness with the law and his
feckless incapacity to deliver on his pledge to run a clean government
will continue to give the public pause. Arnold should either pledge to
have Fair Political Practices Commission monitors at these "briefings"
or cancel them. He should also be clear that no developer that funds
his campaign committee will see a dime of the $222 billion bond plan he
is creating. After all, the donors would then become state contractors
and the gov claimed long ago he would not take campaign contributions
from contractors that do business with the state.