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The last time Arnold visited
the Beverly Hilton Hotel, it was to declare defeat on all of his ballot
initiatives in last November's special election. On Monday he'll return
to the hotel to inaugurate his $120 million-plus gubernatorial
reelection fund-raising campaign with none other than sometime campaign
finance reformer Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona).

Sponsoring the event, according to the invitation,
will be 48 donors who have already given Schwarzenegger more than $13
Million -- including developers poised to make dough off Arnold's big
bond measure. If McCain is the real McCoy of campaign finance reformers
he should be a no-show at the Gov's bash, where the top ticket to get
closest to Arnold goes for 100 grand.

In a letter sent today,
FTCR called on McCain to terminate his involvement and endorse the
clean money elections initiative coming to the California ballot in

"Your efforts to reform campaign financing drew the direct line between
contributions and influence, and we are disheartened that you would
stand by Mr. Schwarzenegger while he collects from his corporate
benefactors," said the letter. It quoted Mcain's own statement in 1999
that the campaign finance system "'is nothing less than an elaborate
influence peddling scheme in which both parties conspire to stay in
office by selling the country to the highest bidder.'"

Arnold is the master of this game, and McCain should not help him play.