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Here's a story that's worth posting twice. Kudos to Steve Harmon of the San Jose Mercury News for asking the question. And kudos to the leaders-elect of the state Senate and Assembly for promising to hold the public trust in higher regard than their predecessors.

As the Democrats' two
incoming legislative leaders prepare to move into power, Assemblywoman
Karen Bass and Sen. Darrell Steinberg are vowing to avoid the
temptations that flush campaign cash has offered to many who have
preceded them: living a life of luxury on their donors' dime.

... Bass, a Los Angeles
Democrat expected to assume her role as speaker as early as next month
for what will be a two-year reign, said the withering criticism of
Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, for foreign travel, expensive
meals and pricey gifts, "will make me very cautious and conservative in
my spending." 

... Steinberg said he's not
worried about the allurements of his new position "because frankly I'm
uncomfortable with a lot of the trappings. ... I'd just as well have a
soup and sandwich in my office."

Here's the rest of the story.