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CW's founder Harvey Rosenfield recounts in his new blog Honest Answers an interesting conversation not long ago with a retired judge who told Harvey that then-AIG CEO Hank Greenberg was complaining to judges about Harvey and his Prop 103's regulation. Greenberg argued, of course, that the government shouldn't be meddling in AIG's business.  Well, as Harvey points out, yesterday the goverment had to buy out AIG's business to save it and preserve Greenberg's own wealth, which is still tied up in shares of AIG. will be following Wall Street's crisis with Harvey's critical eye on what the unprecedented twists and turns means for average consumers. This week California's legal newspaper The Daily Journal named Harvey one of the Top 100 lawyers of 2008 for his groundbreaking work saving California motorists $63 billion on their auto insurance bills.  Americans are lucky to have Harvey and his new blog exposing in plain language the truth behind the mayhem that has hit the marketplace and its impact on American consumers.  Subscribe to the RSS syndication in your browser's tool bar for the automatic feed.