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Californians are paying more
for gasoline than motorists anywhere in the nation and there's no good
reason for it. That's what the California Energy Commission has said in
weekly reports. But today, in a report responding to the Gov's call for
an investigation into high gas prices, Schwarzenegger's Commission says
it has to study the problem more.

What does a politician do when he needs to appease both angry motorists
and an oil industry that's given him $2.3 million in campaign
contributions? Study, study and study it some more. What happened to
California's action hero? Why won't the Governor support new price
gouging legislation (AB 457 - Núñez)
that allows him to call for oil industry prosecutions if gasoline
prices rise by 10% and production costs don't justify them? Why did
Schwarzenegger come out last week against a November ballot measure opposed by the oil industry that would develop alternative energy sources?

So long as Arnold's campaign buses keep running on oil industry cash, we won't ever hear "Action" on high gasoline prices.