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The FPPC approved that $350,000 fine on Senator Migden at an emergency meeting yesterday, with one dissension -- Commissioner Leidig wanted the whole payment at once instead of the $100K down-payment they took. Since Midgen is currently in the middle of a contested race for her Senate seat, whether she has to dig into her campaign funds to pay the other $250K now or can spend that money on the June primary is a pretty big deal.

Here's what Chairman Johnson had to say:

Senator Midgen's track record has shown her complete disdain for the Political Reform Act...

...We will now focus our attention on that lawsuit and Senator Migden's numerous other serious and deceitful violations of California law.

Those other violations include the commission's order for Midgen stop spending more than $1 million she illegally transferred into her Senate account from an old campaign (before there were contribution limits). Migden brought a lawsuit against the commission to try and get the money back. Stay tuned.