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This letter was sent to Arnold
today calling on him to impose a moratorium on fundraising from any
construction and development industry interests that might benefit from
his proposed infrastructure bonds.

February 16, 2006

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol
Sacramento, California 95814

Dear Governor:

The Los Angeles Times reports today that you have set a $120 million
fundraising goal for your 2006 re-election campaign. To be successful,
you will have to raise an average of $465,000 a day -- about $20,000 an
hour -- between now and Election Day. That's 120 million opportunities
for the voters to question just what your donors are getting for their
money, and a sure way to go about convincing the public that you're
placing special interests above the public interest.

As you begin this record-breaking fundraising effort, you will also be
stumping for $222 billion in infrastructure spending. Each of the
proposed bond-financed projects promises millions in contracts to the
construction and development industry. This is an industry that has
already contributed $12 million to your campaigns.

An inherent conflict arises when donors give money in hopes of winning
business with the state. State contractors should not be allowed to buy
their way into the administration's favor. We call upon you to refuse
donations from companies that stand to benefit from the proposed
infrastructure bonds.


Carmen Balber