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Remember, months ago, when we called out nonprofit Blue Shield for spending policyholder money to buy a luxury skybox at San Francisco 49ers games?

State tax collectors have finally revoked the nonprofit health insurance company’s tax exemption following years of our criticism about its lavish perks, excessive executive pay, padded bank account, and huge premium increases.  

Just like the rest of us, Blue Shield will soon have to pay California taxes. 

Things can change thanks to your support, albeit not as fast as any of us want.

Blue Shield has raised rates unconscionably, spent $10 million in nonprofit dollars to stop Prop 45’s rate regulation and its 49ers sky box was a dramatic symbol of its flouting of nonprofit tax laws.

When we protested at Blue Shield against the skybox, along with our friends from the California Nurses Association and the Courage Campaign, company employees refused to even take the tens of thousands of signatures we had to give them. Now Blue Shield executives have heard the message!

Blue Shield will have to pay its fair share back to taxpayers.

Stay tuned, and thanks again for your support.