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The independent state auditor
should investigate the reason for the dismissal of Air Resource Board
Chairman Bob Sawyer after the resignation of Board executive director
Catherine Witherspoon today. The public deserves to know the truth
behind the firing and Governor Schwarzenegger should welcome the
investigation to clear the air.

Witherspoon told the Fresno Bee
the "inner circle" in the Governor's office tried to quash clean air
regulation. "The day-to-day orders that we receive from the governor's
office are to do less; to delay; to not burden industry."

Witherspoon said the reason given for Sawyer's departure was a "cover-up." According to the Bee:

Schwarzenegger aides were worried that Sawyer was moving too aggressively on rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"The real reason for firing him which was climate change policy," she
said. Sawyer "sought to adopt more early action measures than the
governor's office wanted."

Californians deserve the truth and Schwarzenegger should welcome the state auditor's probe.