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Arnold shows no signs of
slowing down his prolific fundraising machine, and his total take is
now just shy of $115.3 million. This is quite the opposite of what
Arnold promised when first announcing that he was running for office,
when he said he didn't need to take any money from anyone.

AT&T has been a rather large corporate donor to the Gov's favorite
causes and his campaign committees, giving over $1.5 million since
2003, including $40K from 8 different execs last month.

And although he called for a fundraising ban during budget season,
Arnold is asking donors to fork out up to $250,000 to attend an
exclusive dinner and reception at his Brentwood mansion with additional
access through "regular conference calls", as reported in the Sac Bee in March.

Just what are these corporations expecting for their cash? Arnold is
forced out of office at the end of his current term... Or are these thank you gifts for corporate favors that the Gov has already given them?