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It seems the extent of Governor Schwarzenegger's solution for
Californians to help combat sky-high gas prices is... promoting more
efficient use of gasoline. Gee thanks for the big idea, Arnold.

It's not the first time Arnold has tried to appear "green", while staying the gasoline-powered course, not to mention the gov's attempts at "greenwashing" his image.

Instead of telling us to just use less gas, Arnold could be taking bold
effective steps to

help move us away from oil toward a clean energy
future. Or at the very least, as today's editorial in the Sacramento Bee states,
Arnold "could instead use his star power to encourage real conservation
-- using other modes of transportation (walking, biking, carpooling or
riding transit) and planning ahead to combine car trips ("trip
chaining"). Such practices not only save gas but also reduce air
pollution and traffic congestion."

Still think the millions in contributions from Big Oil don't matter to Arnold? Sure looks like they do...