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Kim Fletcher, a $110,600 donor
who was appointed to a seat on the Del Mar Fair Board by the governor
last month, told the North County Times this Sunday: "Contributions are
secondary...I probably could have given less money and still gotten

Just as some donors give the governor money in hopes of bending his ear
on policy issues, others apparently see their gifts as stepping stones
to obtaining coveted political and prestige posts.

At least 14 Schwarzenegger appointees are also donors that have given the governor $1.85 million in campaign contributions. 5 of his current appointees to the Del Mar Fair Board gave $467,900.

Schwarzenegger appointee and donor Brent Wilkes was removed from two positions
last year when he was implicated in a corruption scandal with former
Congressman Duke Cunningham. But asking one donor to leave doesn't wipe
the slate clean. The governor's team swears that donations have nothing
to do with appointments, but some of his donors apparently think
differently. If the gifts didn't grease the wheels, then Schwarzenegger
should have no problem giving the money back.