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Allstate made a surprise decision to release internal documents about claims handling procedures that they've been fighting to keep secret in court for over a decade. The documents outline a strategy that made the company more money (around $5 billion in 2006 alone) by paying their customers less than they deserved. Here's a link to the documents for those who really want to get their nails dirty (with 150,000 pages, there's a lot of dirt to sift).

9 words from one slide, as reported in this great piece in Florida's Herald Tribune, say it all: "Zero Sum Economic Game. Allstate gains ... others must lose"  

Allstate made a point of paying everyone less, regardless of the merit of their claim. That's fleecing consumers, and I wouldn't be surprised if they start hearing from policyholders demanding refunds. (One toll-free customer service number some people might be calling: 877-284-7127.)