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Federal Government Offers New Guidance For Self-Driving Cars With Focus On Safety

The Trump administration has established its support for self-driving car deployment, following the U.S. Department of Transportation’s release Tuesday of new federal guidelines for automobile manufacturers and technology companies vying to create fully automated systems.

The new guidelines are seen as a win for the automated vehicles industry, allowing the private sector’s innovation to progress without much formal regulation.

Consumer Groups Slam Equifax Over Security Breach Arbitration Clause

Consumer watchdogs criticized Atlanta-based Equifax on Friday for its offer of a package of credit and identity theft protection services in the wake of a giant data breach, because of fine print they say could limit consumers’ recourse in the event of dispute.

Consumer groups say a clause in the terms of use bind them to arbitration, giving away consumers’ right to a trial.

House Speeds Up Self-Driving Cars On U.S. Roads

Legislation would also clear most state roadblocks

The House of Representatives has passed a bill to bring self-driving cars to public roads at a faster rate.

The measure gives the U.S. government the authority to exempt autonomous vehicles from safety standards that are not applicable to the self-driving technology. It also allows car companies to put up to 100,000 of these vehicles a year on the road.

U.S. House Passes Bill To Allow Self-Driving Cars in Every State

On to the Senate

Self-driving cars have been on the horizon for the past few years, as companies like Tesla and Waymo have been focused on bringing autonomous vehicles to the market. Even though self-driving tech has been improving, it seems perpetually a few years away. Now, the U.S. House just passed legislation that could accelerate the development of self-driving cars by allowing them to be driven in all 50 states.

House BIll Would Put Thousands More Autonomous Vehicles On U.S. Roads

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill Wednesday, aimed at lifting motor vehicle standards that previously stymied the introduction of new technologies for autonomous cars.

It could become the first federal law specifically aimed at self-driving vehicles, preempting state legislation. Under the bill, each autonomous car maker would eventually be able to deploy up to 100,000 vehicles in a 12-month period — currently, manufacturers may only deploy 2,500 each year.