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DOT Issues Self-Driving Car Road Map

Coincides with effort in Congress to legislate safety, deployment framework

Automated vehicles and V2V communications systems are on the move.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Department of Transportation have issued new safety guidelines for Automated Driving Systems (ADS) that pave the way for testing and deployment of the systems, which will work hand in driving glove with broadband-based vehicle-to-vehicle communications given the need for the exchange of data.

Trump Administration to Driverless Car Makers: Go Nuts!

On Tuesday, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao revealed the updated version of the guidelines for the testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles. The DOT secretary defended the guidelines, which opt for voluntary guidance rather than enforceable rules. Chao said that a third version is in progress and slated to be introduced in 2018.

Op-Ed Commentary: Bipartisan Effort Could End Online Child Sex Trafficking

One victim of sex trafficking began her ordeal when she was 15. She was sold through the website for sex to men across Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. She was raped over 600 times over the course of four months.

Another victim was sex trafficked through Backpage for three years — starting when she was 14 — in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Over those three years, she was raped thousands of times. A third victim was sex trafficked when she was 15 in Massachusetts and Florida.

Trump Administration’s New Self-Driving-Car Guidance Is Deliberately Toothless

They’re just guidelines and they’re toothless, but the contents of the Trump administration’s updated policy paper on autonomous vehicles are important for getting everyone on the same page so innovation can blossom. The rise of self-driving cars means more mobility options for those with disabilities, less commuter congestion, and fewer freeway fatalities, so the sooner it gets here the better. Such was the message from U.S.

Atlanta Tests Self-Driving Vehicle In The Heart Of The City

ATLANTA — The city of Atlanta tested a self-driving vehicle on one of its busiest streets Thursday. The test on North Avenue in the city's bustling Midtown area meant that Atlanta has become one of the largest urban areas to test autonomous vehicles, joining Sao Paulo and Shanghai. Here's a look at some of the key aspects of the test and the issues involved:


The test was aimed at showing how an autonomous vehicle would navigate in real-world traffic.